Thursday, November 17, 2011

Because sometimes I think less is more when it comes to journaling...

Is that bad?

I've noticed lately that I leave the journaling out when I scrapbook. This past weekend at the retreat I didn't have a computer and unless it's a mini-album or I'm tucking the journaling in somewhere I just don't like the look of my writing on my layouts. Anyone else out there with the same problem?! It's a pain sometimes.

So, here's a few layouts that I don't think require any journaling at all. I'm pretty sure you can get the gist just by looking at the pictures.

First up-my birthday. I'm only getting around to scrapbooking these photos now. It was in May. But I still love the pics. M took the photo of me and I had a homemade ice cream and cupcakes party which included Tequila Lime cupcakes, Red Velvet cupcakes, Boston cream cupcakes, & Black Cherry cupcakes. I made mint Oreo ice cream, cake batter ice cream and a plain old vanilla to round out the mix. The food was gobbled up pretty quickly so I'm glad I got pictures before everyone showed up!I did end up adding the small journaling block and figured that it was okay to journal on my own birthday page because in a million years I'll look back at it and remember my handwriting. It's not much but it's something right?!



This one's a large photo-8 by 10. I love it. It's funny and cute and a jumping photo is always a good idea-even when some people look totally foolish. This page is another minimalist page. Simple and sweet.No journaling-just a self explanatory title and the date in the top left corner. And the mist droplets, oh the mist droplets. Love those.


Tomorrow's Friday. Have any great plans for the weekend?!



  1. No great plan for the weekend! Trying to scrapbook I guess.. What about you?

    I love those pages! And the pics... At least, if you are jumping, you DO have a REASON to look foolish on a picture! Always a good excuse :p

  2. Great pages!! Love how you used your pictures as a border on the birthday page and the group jump page, love the "feel" of outdoor (lovin' the woodgrain w/ the sprinkle of white!).

    No great plans - other than running the boys for doctor appointments - oh, joy! LOL!! Have a good one!

  3. Awesome pages! :) I have also found that I don't journal very much (other than noting maybe date or place) on most of my layouts. I plan to work on my December Daily this weekend! :)

  4. These are super fun! I would feel really caught up if I was scrapping pics from this May!!!

  5. These are great!
    I am starting my Christmas shopping this weekend...!!

  6. Great layouts! I actually love the look of journaling on a page...I think it can totally add to the design! :)

  7. Everyone does it different and that is ok. Lots of the old photo albums from years past had zero journaling so the fact that you have titles is a step up from that for sure! Fun LO's

  8. yeah sometimes i don't feel like journaling so i just put names (ages for little kids) and a date =) great layouts! I love that martha border punch you used in the 1st that's one of my favorites =)

  9. It's a Christmas shopping weekend over here! I need to get done early, I can't handle the crazy crowds and madness!! Love your layouts. The large photo with the mist drops is GREAT!