Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Daily: A Recap

So I finished my December Daily yesterday. After some deliberation and discussion with M, I decided to keep it simple and only go through the first 25 days of December. Usually I go right up to the 31st in an effort to include all of our 'home activities' in the album. But, this year we lived at 'home' and thus our activities weren't all that necessary to record in my eyes. So, I left it at 25 and started prepping for Project Life instead. More about that later. I did however have to change my opening page from 31 to 25 but I just punched a circle and stuck it on right over top of the 31 that was there.


So this is the first installment of pages. I only posted up to Dec. 5th on the blog so far and you can find that here and here. Moving into a new house at Christmas time is crazy. I wouldn't recommend it but it all worked out just fine and here we are.

This is pages 6 through 12.

Dec. 6:

Mailed out all our cards at the post office. Had a little boy help me put them in the mail slot. I'm pretty sure it made his day!


Dec. 7:

Many pictures of my mom decorating the house for the holidays. It was so nice to be home to help this year.



Dec. 8:

Baking, baking and more baking. This was the first of many baking expeditions I went on this month in an effort to meet all the holiday orders for Taffety.


I used a little strip of photos set into my big picture to give a few more shots from the day but I wanted the focus to be on all those boxes of cookies.


Dec. 9:

A little tradition at my family home. Left the kraft page on the right a little bare. I like it that way though.


Dec. 10:

A big day! Moving Day! Got a few small shots for the collage and two big photos-one of me in the mirror with the U-Haul in the background and the opposite side is the bottle of champagne we shared that was bought on our wedding night 2 and a half years ago. It was a delicious way to celebrate our new home that evening.





Dec. 11:

Family gathering for my Aunt Shawna who was home with her girls for the first time in a while.


Dec. 12:

A night out at my local scrapbooking store to celebrate the holidays with their customers.


A little collage of photos with the page protector as well.


Dec. 13:

An ordinary day by December standards. It was freezing outside. I taught. I auto-budded with someone in the parking lot of school. I started to organize my scrapbooking room.


I've started working on the gathering and preparing process for Project Life this week. I'll have a progress report on the blog soon.



  1. Amazing Job..I loved looking at your DD and all the little details. esp. that little silver house..So cute!!

  2. looks great! did you emboss the house? very clever!!

  3. very nice great work thanks for sharing.

  4. Your album turned out fantastically!

  5. OMGosh your album is looking great - LOVE the moving day page :)

  6. Your DD is turning out awesome! My junior year of high school we moved from north/coastal Cali to central Cali over the Christmas break and was in the new house on Christmas Eve, so I know a little of what you are experiencing. Since I wasn't an adult at the time I didn't have to worry about turning on the utilities and other "grown up" responsibilities, but I do remember the craziness of it. It just makes for a different kind of holiday but memorable just the same :)

  7. Oh it's wonderful!!! I go straight through the twelve days of Christmas and wrap up at Epiphany/Jan. 6th.

  8. I still can't believe you did all this while moving or after your move...looks wonderful...the pictures are amazing!