Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Polaroids & Mini-Albums

Anyone out there love Polaroids? I do. And I have an Instax that I like to pull out every now and again. It's awesome and you can find it here. It's a lot of fun to use but cost effective it is not. It's about $1.00 per photo so you really have to make them worth it.

Now, Amy Tangerine & Kelly Purkey have this do-flicky called a Fugifilm Pivi and that's even cooler. You can make polaroid photos from the pics that you take on your DSLR or other camera-that way you get the shot you want the first time. Unfortunately, with the Instax sometimes you need a few shots to get the one you are looking for!

That being said, it is fun to tinker around with and so when we spent some time at the cabin in November I took it along and got a few shots of the action!

I used 'The Paperie's' March kit to make this little mini-album with the resulting photos.


The album was quite simple to make. It's 4 sheets of 8" by 4" paper, scored down the middle to make a number of 4" by 4" pages. After scoring each sheet and putting them together the way I wanted I sewed down the spine on both sides to keep the whole thing in tact. Easy. Then I just added photos, a bit of washi tape and a few lines of journaling on each page-just a simple caption.









Just a very simple album with a few punched butterflies, hearts and the like here and there. Nothing too exciting but a good way to use up some scraps and get those polaroids scrapbooked.

I also made a few cards out of the pieces that didn't make it into the album.


Simple and easy-a sentiment on a little piece of cardstock cut out like a little flag piece.



  1. Yay Krista - love it...if there are 3 things I will never get bored with it would be brown, yellow and butterflies... so of course I love this!

  2. LOVE that mini book and those cards are gorgeous!

  3. The mini looks great! I also love polaroids, have you seen the pogo printer? It's really small and you can print from Bluetooth. The prints are about the size of a credit card and you can peel off the backing to make them sticky.

  4. Love the mini! What a great way to showcase the Instax pics! The mini just turned out awesome! The cards are cute too! Thanks for sharing- Amanda

  5. Great mini! Love the polaroid photos!

  6. Thanks for sharing Krista! This was my favorite of the projects that you did with the March Paperie Kit! And I love those polaroids!

  7. Gorgeous mini! I love my instax but not as much as my two year old!

  8. super fun little mini! I haven't pulled out my instax in a while, maybe tomorrow I will do that!

  9. so cute! love the color scheme and how simple and pretty it is!

  10. great mini- love how you repeated the red butterflies and washi tape throughout