Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Randomness

I've got a whole shambles of scatterbrained-ness on my blog today. It's been a busy week around here and I've only attempted a few things at my scrapbooking table in passing. Usually I have a little bit of time to sit down and work on some things-especially Project Life-but it all had to wait until late this afternoon.

We've started running and going to the gym more around here too-gearing up for the running seasoning beginning the first weekend of April-and that takes considerable time as well.

Here's some randomness to suit my mood this week.

Random Picture #1:
Here's the mess that greeted me when I walked into my scrapbooking room.


Random Picture #2:
My Studio Calico box came yesterday. In fact, I rushed home on lunch break to see if it was here. I have the most awesome UPS guy around-he drops my SC box on the back deck if there's nobody here. I'm thinking that my next delivery day I may just leave him some treats-kind of a tradeoff to tell him I heart him.


He brought these lovely stamps I managed to snag in the mayhem at SC this past reveal day! Pumped to use those in my PL.

Random Picture #3:
So while checking out the message baord last night I discovered something awesome. You probably already know this if you are a frequent stamper but if not-this tip will change your life. Apparently, if you use a white eraser on your new acrylic stamps they will come out sharp like never before. I had no idea this was possible and I'm always disappointed when I break out a new stamp and the image isn't clear. Now I know why. There's a residue there that you can get rid of just by erasing with the art eraser. Check this out...


The difference is awesome. Especially with bigger stamps.

Random Picture #4:


I am sooo excited to be announcing my first class at 'The Paperie'. The class went 'live' the other day and I can't wait to be in the scrapbooking classroom again. It's an awesome kids/teens class where we'll be creating our own Smashbooks a la Amy Tangerine. Taking a note from her awesome little mini album from her previous line we're going to create our own little book to fill with some cool techniques and pics of our friends, family, whatever. I'm so excited. It's also a full day of crafting so it's a great opportunity to spend the day crafting somewhere special while mom and dad are at work! It's during Easter break here on Thursday, April 12th. Check out the link here and if you're local tell everyone you know! The more the merrier!

Random Picture #5:
I've begun a new feature here on the blog called DIY Design. It's a special Saturday posting where I share something special that I've DIY'ed. Here's a sneak peak of this week's project.


Aren't they gold and tacky. So not my style. Come back Saturday for the big reveal.

Random Picture #6:

And here's s sneak of PL in progress for week 10.


It's Thursday which means tomorrows Friday and we'll all know I love Friday. I love it even more tomorrow because I'm going scrapping at the store with the girls. Big plans, big plans.



  1. Thanks for sharing all this! And MANY MANY thanks for the eraser tip!

  2. Great tip about the eraser! Love the little sneak peeks of your desk you added.

  3. Yep...thanks bunches for the eraser tip!

  4. Love that you're working on many projects at once - always a hurdle for me, needing to finish one before moving on. Inspiring to just work on what inspires :)

  5. Looks like a fun Thursday to me! Love it all.

  6. I can't wait to see what you do with those lamps!

  7. Will definitely have to try that eraser tip. Congrats on getting to tech a class. That sounds like so much fun.

  8. Fun PL pages, and looks like a fun DIY project, can't wait to see the end results!

  9. Very interesting random pics! Your table looks huge and I envy you! I like how you write on photos. I've always wanted to do that on my blog but too lazy to.

  10. I snagged both sets of those stamps from SC. I love them so much I might decorate a wall in my scrap room with them!

  11. Great tip! Can't wait to try.

  12. i love that white eraser really does work!