Friday, April 20, 2012

5 For Friday

1. Saw these cool envelopes on the Crate blog last week and love the idea of using this for some journaling on a page.

2. Saw this cool tutorial on The Pleated Poppy. I could imagine doing something like this with star or a few clouds, etc. So cool and cheap too. If you like her style she also posts 'What I Wore Wednesday' posts each week, linking up with people from all over the blogisphere, encouraging people to 'get dressed' rather than wear their 'house uniform' during the day. I'll admit that I'm guilty of having multiple 'house uniforms'. YOu know what I'm talking about-you def have a few of them!

3. I'm pretty sure that every week-or most of them-I link to October Afternoon's post from at least one day a week. This week is no exception. This week on the blog they had a lovely little mini-album but what struck me were all the black and white pics. I haven't done much with black and white lately but I think I'll develop some b&w pics for the upcoming retreat at The Wilds in a few weeks.

4. Found awesome bracelets on line this week. I love a good nautical theme-It's my dream to learn how to sail and go yachting some day in a pair of Topsiders, red shorts and a blue & white striped Ralph Lauren t-shirt. Seriously, I've thought about this-can you tell?! I would also like a pair of these to compliment the outfit.

5. In my wanderings this week I found a new Fashion blog-with a great name 'Classy Girls Wear Pearls' and LOVE it. She's literally the style I covet-Kate Spade, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren and a little Tommy Hilfiger mixed in. Just beautiful. Added her to my blog roll right away.



  1. Since my dad owns a sailboat, I'm pretty sure we can arrange the sailing day this summer! :) See you tonight! (you're coming, right?)

  2. off to check out those links... so glad you shared them!

  3. What a great tutorial on the glitter shirt! I want to try but I wonder if the glitters would fall off... hmm...