Friday, April 27, 2012

WITL: 5 For Friday Edition

I was considering skipping 5 for Friday this week but decided I would just do it in conjunction with my WITL post. I couldn't help myself when I found inspiration all over this week. If you are here for WITL just skip down a little.

1. Okay so making hexagons in photoshop is that easy?! Kelly Purkey had an awesome little tutorial on her blog this week that I immediately tried in PS and it was excellent. You will be seeing some layouts/mini's with hexagons soon.

2. I have been drooling over everyone's Cameo creations for months now but alas the price tag is just too much for me. But, this post by Liz K. got me thinking that I can create my own with a pencil, a craft knife and some patience. This is what I came up with.


3. Found a cute little shop this week that I'm totally ordering from! 'A Life Handmade' has some really cute buttons, speech balloons and labels that I can just picture in my WITL & my project Life album.

4. There was a great tutorial on Cathy Zielske's blog yesterday on using text blocks on your photos in photoshop. Something I want to try for sure. 

5. Speaking of photoshop totorials Anne Marie had a good one on her blog as well detailing her process for improving/adjusting her photos. Some of her ideas are totally new to me and I think I'll give them a test run! Check that post out here.
Now, on to Week In the Life.

Yesterday, I just didn't have much motivation to take photos. But then when I uploaded I discovered I had more than enough.

Thursday Main photo:


I worked yesterday morning, teaching gr. 3 which meant I had to get dressed like a real human being-sans my house uniform for a change. This photo was taken at school before the bell rang.

Thursday Collage:


From left to right from the top: 1. Plants that the kids planted. I loved the way they looked all lined up on the table. 2. Borrowing Mom's car this week. 3.checking the blogs with Eugene on my lap chewing his bone. 4. Caught my reflection in the microwave. 5. This seems to be the best 'holding' spot for a few bones. Seriously Euge? 6. Reflections of lunch in our kitchen via the toaster. 7. Working on Project Life catch up this afternoon. 8. Dinner: fajitas. 9. Eugene and M hanging out with a new chew toy.

Today's Friday. I'm working all day today but looking forward to a chill night this evening and a few days of potential sunshine. I'm also looking forward to weekend photos.



  1. Great pics...I love the ones you take using reflections!

  2. I subbed in 3rd grade on Wednesday -- wild times! Love your hand cut!

  3. Love the album cover - I've been being to try that, now I definitely have too! What are you doing about the holes in the "e" and "o"?

  4. I also love your reflections. And the crumbs in the lap! Priceless!
    Happy WITL

  5. Yup I've done that too! Just use my xacto and I can make whatever I want! It's pretty meditative to me too haha!

  6. Hi there! I love all your photos...especially love the shoes photo on the first Thursday page! I can't wait to see the rest of your week! I hope you had a great weekend! ~Jennifer