Thursday, April 26, 2012

WITL: Wednesday

Another day that's been very similar to the last two. I haven't taught yet this week but today I am teaching this morning. I'm looking forward to getting some different photos today that don't always involve Eugene-not that that's bad or anything but frankly it was getting a little repetitious.

So here's Wednesday in a nut shell.

Main photo:


Another shot of me and Eugene. After breakfast he tends to relax a little and he likes to sit with me in my chair and chew on his bone while I watch 'The Today' show. Yeah, we have a rough life when I'm not working huh?!



Today's picks from left to right starting at the top: 1. lunch 2. driving around town 3. filling up-too bad gas is supposed to go down 7 cents tonight. Didn't know that when I filled up today. 4. Greetings. 5. Making new friends 6. A visit to The Doghouse 7. Snoozing in the carrier in the car 8. A text recap of our events at The Doghouse. 9. Prepping for dinner.

Today I seem to have a lot more photos that I want to include. I'll probably have an extra insert eventually when the album gets put together.

Are you keeping up? I'm finding creating a recap each night and keeping it simple is making me stay on top of it. I like looking back at the photos from the day and remembering little stories too.