Sunday, April 29, 2012

WITL: Saturday-a.k.a Almost There

Today is the last day of week in the life. I can honestly say that I'm excited to put the album together but I'm also excited to leave the constant picture taking behind me for a while. My 'project life' pace is much more manageable.

Saturday Main:


Spring cleaning commenced yesterday. We changed out all the fall/winter coats and shoes. Eugene helped.

Saturday Collage:


Today was a pretty usual Saturday for us. From the top, left to right: 1. hanging in bed deciding on the days plans together. 2. Selfie-this is my company every day when I get ready. 3. Georgetown Bakery 4. Deliciousness. 5. A little perusing at Model Citizen 6.  Walking around downtown on a beautiful day. 7. Spring cleaning meant breaking out the summer clothes and shoes. Welcome back lobsters. 8. Hiding gnomes in Mom & Dad's garden. 9. A BBQ at Mom & Dad's house.

And that was Saturday.



  1. I am sure your album is going to look awesome not to mention all those fab memories..hugs

  2. love the pic of you holding the pup!

  3. You have taken some really cool photos. Off to check out the rest of your blog.

  4. Your photos are fabulous! I bet the album's going to be fantastic, and you'll be thrilled you went to all that trouble to take the photos. :)

  5. fun post! love your lobsters! ;)

  6. Love your photos and your style. So clean and neat!!

  7. Nice photos. You are lucky to have seasons. We only have one in SE I probably can wear flip flops all year round.

  8. Great photos - love your collage! I keep thinking this would be fun to try someday.