Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little 'Right Now'

1. I shared my first guest blog post on Monday at The Paperie's blog. I shared this layout...


with a little challenge to jazz up your photos this coming week for their Monday Mojo post. I'll be a regular poster for them the last Monday of each month which is pretty exciting! Check out the rest of the post here.

2. I downloaded some awesome new music this week: Florence + the Machine, Greg Laswell & Sara Barielles. Love me some great singers.

3. I've been working on a few more Simple Scrapper layouts this week-it seems the end of the month always comes so quickly. I'll be sharing them soon!

4. I backed up my photos and documents this week. Good old Caroline (my computer's name because I love to name inanimate objects) isn't what she used to be and I'm not taking any chances. And I also wanted to...

5. Download Radlab which looks like an awesome system and there's a free trial as well!



  1. Radlab is definitely awesome. The best is that you can actually preview your changes, and it's oh so simple!

  2. Your layout is fabulous- love the photos! And you will love Radlab! I have it and I use it daily!

  3. I LOVE this layout! Absolutely fabulous!!!

  4. What a fun Layout! I LLOOOOVVVEEE Radlab! I love the ease of it. The effects I have Lots of effects and DO Not use them anymore I can't imagine not using it to edit my pictures.

  5. Such a fun layout! I'm off to check out Radlab!

  6. Love this layout! All the bits and tags and washi! And stamping and misting! It's fabulous!

  7. Thanks for the tip about Radlab! I downloaded the trial version this morning and it is fantastic! Love the layout, Eugene is such a cutie!

  8. You have to submit this layout for the Freckled Fawn guest design team - you only need to submit three projects!