Friday, June 29, 2012

Five for Friday

1. This week Liz K. shared a really cool book she made using her instagram shots. She used Blurb for it which I've often heard teachers use for making books for school but this was new to me. I think I might have to do it. It would also cover #24. Make a photo book for my '29 List'.

2. Speaking of my '29 List', I'm making progress. I've been sending more mail (#26), we've planned a trip to the cottage (#13), I'm working on a blog revamp (#23) and last night I practiced my cupcake frosting technique (#12). Through a variety of you tube videos and some light reading online I managed to ice some pretty cupcakes. I like the rose look most and I'm still working on that perfect Magnolia Bakery 'swirl'. That's gonna take a while! Here's a few shots-

IMG_1220 IMG_1222

The cupcakes are vanilla with Tequila-Lime Buttercream Frosting. Yes, they are as yummy as they sound. I sent most of them to M's work so I wouldn't eat them all myself.

3. My mom, best shopper of all time, bought be a beautiful purse this week. I've been searching for a Kelly Green purse that was functional with a cross-body strap. I saw one at Roots and was coveting it but just couldn't bite the bullet and get it. My mom got it for me while she was on her cruise last week! Thanks mom-you rock!

4. Yesterday while shoting some pictures of my layouts I caught a few shots of Eugene. I've been reading one of my summer books, Expressive Photography, and thought I might try out a few of the tips I've been reading in their 'Creature' section. Here's a few of my favorites:


Look at that face.


And those sweet freckles-only on one side of his nose and a few under his chin.


And of course a sleepy puppy.

I used my 50mm lens. Aren't these stunning?! They remind me that I need to take out my real camera more!

5. Last week I painted our spare room-the only room in our house that hasn't been painted. After putting it back together I think it's looking pretty good. Check out this sneak-

IMG_1144 IMG_3888

In the first photo the gray wall is true to color and in the second pic the back wall-a purple color- is true to color. It's hard to get good shots with that kind of lighting. I'll be sharing the full reveal soon.


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