Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Life: Another Round of Catch Up

I'm pretty sure the last time that I blogged this heavily about about Project Life I was playing catch up then as well. Well, here we are again. This time I had nine weeks to make up for and wanted to just get it done.

So I stuck to a simple plan and made most weeks just one page protector. Double pagers can be overwhelming when dealing with that many photos. Here's what I came up with...


Not too many photos on this one. A fairly uneventful week but I managed to get some furniture redone.


Tried out a new food truck in town, saw Republic of Doyle filiming and took lots of walks with Eugene.


Happy birthday to my Dad. We cheered on some Tely 10 runners & took a trip to Placentia for the day. We also went to Marine Drive park swimming with Eugene. He was a champ!


A big week around here-Allison & Laim arrived in NL. We got to spend a few days with mel & Dave too. We tried 'Relish', a new burger joint. We celebrated Regatta Day & we took a trip out to Lamanche Park to swim on a hot Saturday with Eugene. He LOVED it.

The week of our trip to Ottawa deserved a double pager due to all the photos from O-Town & Wedding #1 of our summer.


We had a great Sunday morning walk & lunch with Allison & Liam. We also were treated to dinner at 'Aqua' which was amazing-lobster poutine. Need I say more. Then we took a trip to Ottawa where we hung out with friends and more friends, celebrated some friends' marriage, ate too much food and missed our puppy dog.


Back home again for another week of hanging with Eugene & Allison. I took a French course and we had a homemade pizza party at our home. We also went to wedding #2 of our summer.


Allison & Liam had to go home some time. Too bad because we were having a great time together! We managed to squeeze in one more activity-fish & chips at The Duke. It was also our 3rd anniversary and M surprized me with dinner & some beautiful yellow roses.

And finally...


Septmeber snuck up on us. Eugene & I did some blueberry picking at 3 Pond Barron. We hung our with Kathryn for some ice cream. And we celebrated wedding #3 of our summer. It was a packed week.

All in all it was a great summer. We had a lot of fun-both in Newfoundland and elsewhere. Eugene, Matthew and I spent all kinds of quality time together and I don't regret not going to camp for not one second!



  1. Wow! Great effort with your catch up. Love those Christmassy red and white thickers on that spread with all the red in your photos - perfect!

  2. Love that you plowed through and got it done - it looks great! Also love that you had a great summer even without camp - I know we loved seeing you and Eugene a couple of times! :)

  3. Such great pages, and I love the colors you used!

  4. What a great installment of PL! You've got some great photos and details!

  5. Love, love, love your PL pages!

  6. Great spread! If you need catching up, I sure do! Did just finish wk 21 :-P