Monday, October 15, 2012

Aqua-Not Just a Color & A Quilt.

So we had the chance to try a new resestarant-new to us- over the summer when Allison & Liam were home.


We visited Aqua, an awesome fancy seafood restaurant in downtown St. John's. We had fancy drinks & delicious lobster-ladden appetizers & meals.  To say it was delicious is an understatement and I think we'll be returning for sure.

I wanted to use a large polka dot kraft bag as a photo mat on my layout and couldn't think of anything better than the evening's menu to tuck inside said envelope.


I also focused on making my journaling a little more interesting by replacing some of the written words with uppercase words written on a different paper, using pop dots to give them extra emphasis. I also repeated a lot of grid elements-the stamp under 'dinner', the blue grid paper & the background paper.

I added the 'Aqua' at the top of the page and a little camera with a few flags that I cut out from some pattern paper.


Repeated arrows at the bottom of the page, a few stamped and some cut out of the pattern paper completed the look. A little badge and a few buttons to complete my visual triangle. 


My goal with this layout was to use as many patterns as possible. I think I achieved that managing to include grids, arrows, stripes, pinwheels, and polka dots.

In other news, I finished my quilt!!! Here's the front-


And the back-


That's one happy girl. It's by no means perfect-there are lots of wonky lines and it was my first time doing the edges like the tutorial instructed so the edges are rough in a few spots. But it's DONE. And It's stinkin' cute huh?! So proud of myself.


Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday.



  1. What a great idea for a layout! Your quilt turned out beautiful.

  2. I love the layout, and how you spiced up the journaling. The quilt is gorgeous!

  3. That quilt does not look like a first piece! Well done! Love the variety of patterns on your layout and the food photos are making me hungry.

  4. Totally fun layout! And awesome quilt! You rock!

  5. Love your LO and your quilt looks amazing too.

  6. Great page! And quilt is pretty!