Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Strange Habits

Do you have any strange habits? I'll admit that I do. For one I almost always change into my 'house uniform' when I come in the door from being out and about. I always start my weekly house cleaning by cleaning the wood tables in our living room with Pledge-not sure why but it's my routine. While eating wavy lays potato chips I usually eat the largest chips and leave the crumbs in the bag.

Strange habits? Maybe. I know someone else who has a strange habit-Eugene.


Eugene likes to bury things-in weird places. He has these tarter bones that we have been giving him as a 'treat' since he was a puppy. He started trying to bury them in our coffee table. Then he started burying them in blankets, our duvet-you name it. Recently he's started taking them outside and finding strange places in our neighborhood to bury them. Strange thing is he knows right where to find them even 6 weeks later. He's a funny little character.

I think it's important to take note of those silly little things in our lives-like strange habits-that could very well be forgotten if we don't document them. And so I did.


I love this chevron paper that I used as my background. I kept this layout simple with a title and a few pictures with some long rectangles of patter paper flanking them. I thought the 'Take Note' badge in the bottom right corner was very appropriate for the page!

Do you have any strange habits? Or pets with strange habits? Document them. Don't lose sight of the small stuff that makes up our lives.



  1. Such a cute layout and a great subject to scrap. I like the title and journaling going up the side.

  2. I love how you organized this LO!!! And I do change my clothes the minute I get home from work! :p

  3. Great layout-my dog loves this stuffed soccer ball toy we got him. He just lays there with his little head on the ball. When we tell him to go to bed, he grabs the ball and runs upstairs. So cute. This has really motivated me to do a layout with his story.

  4. Great layout love the title and photos :)

  5. My cat eats (fresh) toilet paper. He can sniff it out a mile away so we have to keep it in an ice cream container. Someday we might get a little classier and buy a nice decorative container.

    He also hisses at his feather toy in frustration when it's playing a little too hard to get.