Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This guy.

Who's got two thumbs a birthday today?

This guy.


M is officially joining me in the 'less than a year to 30' club today. Yep. Today's his birthday. He's not one for a big fuss but I am and this is my blog so...

Happy Birthday to the best man/housemate/husband/doggy-Daddy around. I'm glad you were born. Shoutout to his Mom & Dad for doing a great job having him and raising a wonderful son. He really is the best and I couldn't be happier to be his wife/Doggy-Mama.

He's just so hip-I mean how can you not love a kid who wants to buy a $5 hat that has embroidered bees on it? Even if you are a hipster. I like you that way. Hence the sentiment-


Onto the layout. I had to tone down that October Afternoon paper and did so with a little Mr. Huey black mist and a few white droplets before proceeding. I added a little black and white washi tape to anchor the whole photo and used two different fonts for my title-a new trick I love that was inspired by Ms. Kelly Goree this past weekend.


A few buttons and flags-the theme of this past weekend's layouts- were added and a little hidden journaling on that tag and I was d.o.n.e.

M, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Here's to many more!



  1. Cute page! Like the dark misting over the background paper.

  2. great guy page!! Love the paper.

  3. Great layout, love how you chose to subdue the background

  4. Beautiful page even it is so hip! :) Happy birthday to your hubby too!

  5. Love all of your pics of your hipster husband.

  6. Ooooo...inking that background paper was a fabulous idea!

  7. What a great way to tone down the background. Love that idea!