Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What a weekend!

Seriously?! I don't think I've ever had a better time at an event!

This past weekend I traveled to Ottawa for Scrapbook & Cards Today's Crop & Create. My scrapbooking crush/fav scrap celeb/hero, Kelly Purkey, was there teaching classes with Vicki Boutin & Kelly Goree. I had met Vicki before a few times and taken her classes. That girl is a hoot! She's probably the most entertaining scrapbooker I've ever met but the combination of the Vicki/Kelly sandwich was just yummy! Kelly Goree was just lovely-all southern charm and cute as a button.  And those were just the teachers-Catherine & Jen ran the event and they were truly just wonderful. Jen even kept an eye on my phone while it was charging!

And then there was KP.

She was everything I expected and more. She was super nice. She lived up to her name and she really was purkey! I brown-nosed a little and brought her doughnuts from Suzy Q's, an awesome homemade doughnut shop in town, and she even instagrammed a pic of us holding them!


I was just so happy to meet her & hopefully my adoration wasn't too creepy for her. It's funny because the last thing M said to me was "Krista, when you meet her just don't be creepy! Don't be that person." Hopefully my admiration was more 'cool & cute' than 'creepy & weird'. Either way, I got to meet her & chat multiple times. Best of all, she judged a challenge that I participated in and chose my layout to be the winner. THAT was the ultimate to me. Her creative opinion obviously ranks high in my books. I'll have that layout to share later in the week.


There was obviously lots of cropping time this weekend but I also took two classes. I took both of KP's classes and learned a lot of new techniques and tricks for stamping & misting that I can't wait to share in some classes at The Paperie. I also took a design class with Kelly Goree. That girl can make some beautifully layered  layouts.


Aside from scrapbooking this weekend I also got to make the rounds and do a little visiting. I stopped in at school and saw my very favourite teachers-Kerry, Cathy & Cathy.

  *not the greatest pic but it'll have to do! 

We reminisced-nothing has changed-and I answered lots of questions from the kids. They were pretty excited to see me and I them.

I stayed at my friend Sarah's, which was awesome because it meant I got to spend some time hanging out with her and I also got to have brunch at The Manx with some of my fav people on Sunday. These guys came out in the drizzly weather to share a meal with me! You guys R-O-C-K!


All in all it was an amazing weekend. There were many calls to M telling him how awesome the crop was and how happy I was. I made some new friends at my table and saw some old ones too. And I got to meet Kelly Purkey. Bucket List item #19: Attend a scrapbooking convention & meet someone whom you admire. CHECK!



  1. i'm sitting here.. green with envy! lol..

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! And cool that your layout was picked. How fun!

  3. Oh how fun! I'm so jealous you got to meet KP! Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! That photo booth set up is so cute!! :)

  5. Sounds awesome! And I'm sure you weren't creepy- haha!

  6. I would love to scrapbook with one of my scrapbook idols, you so lucky :P
    -Gabi from Denton, TX

  7. That's great! Would love to meet KP one day.. Was hoping to meet her in the south of France this month, but sadly I can't go :-(

  8. Sounds like a great weekend. Don't you just love it when meeting someone you admire exceeds your expectation!