Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Check it out!


*This photo has nothing to do with with today's post. It was just a cute photo of Eugene and I in the car today running errands after his Christmas cut at the groomers. 

Frankly I haven't blogged in so long but today I've got something awesome to blog about. Two things actually.

Today I appeared in someone else's blog. Kelly's to be exact. Excited?! You could say that. My friend Liz tweeted me this afternoon and boy was I surprised and pleasantly delighted. I love me some KP. She rocks!

In other news I recently read this article that Ali Edwards tweeted. It's worth the read. Not only was it inspiring for life in general but it inspired the title for my new class starting at The Paperie in the new year- Keeping Track of Life 2012.  It's a quick and simple class to help you chronicle each and every month PL style with a twist.

So each month we'll be making a layout focusing on a key event from the month & then we'll fill a pocket page with all the bits and pieces of everyday life. We'll even have some space to save any bits and pieces you might want to save. Class starts in February. Check out the blog tomorrow for a full description and call to sign up if you're interested. It should be a fun class filled with new product every month.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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  1. Yeah!! If this comes out while I am away, PLEASE sign me up! I am very excited about this class!!