Thursday, May 23, 2013

This girl... about to turn 30 on Saturday. Yep. I'm not sure if I'm ready to embrace it or just freak out.


Here's the '29 list' that I made last year just about this time and the progress! I was ambitious in my goals. But I think I did pretty well actually!

1. Have a girls weekend.
2. Get back into dancing.
3. Run ‘Cape to Cabot’.
4. Host a Tea Party for the girls.
5. Have a picnic in Ferryland at the lighthouse.
6. Get published in Creating Keepsakes.
7. Take a class at the Anna Templeton Centre.
8. Take the tour of The Newfoundland Chocolate Factory.
9. Take a cooking class with Matthew.
10.  Take a selfie every day for a month.
11.  Find a tea I enjoy drinking.
12.  Learn to properly ice cupcakes. 
13. Rent a cottage for the weekend.
14.  Finish decorating our house.
15.  See the sunrise on Signal Hill or Cape Spear.
16.  Visit three new places.
17.  Take a beach vacation.
18.  Survive a summer without camp.
19.  Journal more in my scrapbook layouts.
20.  Make a new friend.
21.  Make stamps.
22.  Make a point to see my girlfriends more.
23.  Revamp my blog.
24.  Make a photo book.
25.  Take a class in something fitness related. Spinning maybe?
26.  Send more mail.
27.  Use my real cameras more.
28.  Volunteer at a local event.
29.  Join a running club. 

I haven't decided if I'm going to approach this year's big 3-0 with a new project like this one or something similar yet. I'm letting IT come to me this time around. Stay tuned!


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