Friday, May 24, 2013

This year...

...was awesome. Tomorrow I'm turning 3-0. Yesterday I reviewed my '29 list' so today I thought I'd share 30 awesome things that happened this year-in no particular order.

1. I survived a summer without camp. A serious feat if you know me. It was difficult & there were tears but I got through it and I'm looking forward to another great summer with M & E.

2. I celebrated 29 with some awesome peeps & one amazing visitor. Shout out to D for coming all the way here to the rock!

3. I got published in Creating Keepsakes. It's not on stands yet but it's happening soon.

4. I met and befriended Kelly Purkey. EPIC. Anyone who knows me, knows how cool this fact is.

5. And then she came to Newfoundland and taught classes! It might have been a scrapbooking highlight for many of us-me included.

6. We took road trips to Marystown, Lamanche, Ferryland, Carbonear, and Cornerbrooke. Moving home to NL has it's benefits.

7. I celebrated Canada day-for the first time in 11 year- with some new friends.

8. I graduated and received my Masters in Education.  So much hard work over 2 1/2 years finally came to fruition.

9. I stood on the sidewalk at 49th & 5thand watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. That was a bucket list item for me. It was surreal actually.

10. I shopped the black Friday sales at 12 a.m at Macy’s. Yep. Shopping + black Friday + NYC= bucket list. Beat that.

11. I baked my first pie. I'm not a pie kinda girl. I bake. I bake a lot. But, I don't bake pies. My MIL bakes pies so when she complimented my pie I felt like I had done something seriously right.

12. I explored the East Coast Trail with my two favs- M & E. Turns out I really like hiking! Who knew?!

13. I learned to quilt and... Thank you Elise Blaha for your unknowing encouragement in this endeavor. Both sets of parents got quilts for Christmas this year.

14. I learned to knit. I will eventually get to that cowl. Maybe by this winter I'll have one of wear.

15. I made some new girlfriends. Not an easy thing in NL but I'm fortunate to have some new scrappy friends and girlfriends alike that I'm happy to be myself with.

16. I learned to make chocolates with some crazy ladies. This was too much fun. So many, many photos.

17. I discovered colored denim. In a big way. Hello L.O.V.E. I should stop buying pairs now.

18.  I admired my father as he struggled with cancer and come out way on top. Latest reports are awesome. He's a trooper!

19. I DIY’ed the crap out of a lot of stuff & attended many garage sales. Turns out one man's trash IS this girl's treasure.

20. I witnessed some great friends get hitched. I love seeing others find what I'm so lucky to have. I am also a sucker for a good wedding and a few tears.

21. I read a lot of good books. A lot of good books. Favorite might have been 'The Art of Racing in the Rain'. Just a sign of how much I love my dog.

22. I threw a doggie birthday party for E’s 1st birthday. See above notes.

23. I got a prom do-over and actually went to *fake* prom with someone I wanted to attend prom with! My original prom date was a dud. Nuf said.

24. I tried mixed media. Like the pies, not very me. But, I enjoyed it. It's something I'm looking forward to pursuing.

25. I had a New Year’s eve worth remembering-Happy 2015! What?! Those of you who know this story understand what I'm talking about.

26. I hosted a book brunch for some very lovely ladies. One where we never really discussed the book but had lots of food and lots of laughs.

27. I spent some quality time during the summer with my fav baby boy Liam. And am looking forward to doing this again. Babies grow up so fast.

28. I sported a fascinator for not one but two weddings! Trendy. Yep. That's me-trendy! [Insert rolling of the eyes here].

29. I hosted my first thanksgiving feast! The families all gave in and we didn't have turkey because we were in charge this past year!

30. I am about to spend my birthday in one of the most beautiful places with an amazing person I am very lucky to have in my life. There's only one thing missing-our Eugene.



  1. Happy 2015 Spiderman! Ba ha ha ha! And happy, happy birthday - enjoy every second!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I hope this year is even better for you!
    Sadly there will not be a #4 for me this year. She was coming to the LSS where I work but it got canceled. Hope it was fun!