Monday, June 17, 2013

Saturday DIY- On Monday

I've been working away the last few weeks on a little big project. The entire half bathroom on our main floor is getting an overhaul and I'm doing it on the cheap people.

So here's the before shots-


Look at all that rusty orange. And that countertop has a lovely tinge of orange to it too-it's much worse than the picture suggests. 

I DIY'ed these countertops (more on that to come)-


gave the cupboards a fresh coat of paint & hardware-


and experimented with stripes, creating a focal wall that can be seen from the hallway and dining room. It's possibly my favourite part.


The rest of the walls were painted a beautiful gray called Stone Harbor by Benjamin Moore. 


Light fixtures need to go up as do two mirrors (painted white)-one of which I found at a garage sale last weekend! Can't wait to show that puppy off.

Also, waiting in the wings for a few updates is the dining room. I'm thinking of re-covering the chairs, sewing a runner for the table and I've got a few ideas up my sleeve for a centerpiece section for the table. That being said, this is it's current condition.

Yep. So, dining room's on the back burner for now.

Stay tuned for more progress!


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