Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I'm Working On

So I haven't created much lately but I have been organizing. My friend, Wendy, would love to hear that I've done a little re-vamp of my kits. First of all they needed to be organized.

I started to worry when they started to overflow out of their existing container. I had the kits in the shorter, wider container on the right & pattern paper/cardstock in the taller container on the left. And you can see that kits were in bags or random small ziplocs and desperately needed to be organized!


So, after finding these-

*Extra large ziploc bags from Dominion, the local supermarket (Stavanger dr. location)- for those of you who are local.

So, I broke up a few kits that were nearly done and then I bagged the rest of the kits that weren't in proper bags. After which I hauled them all back out and labeled each of them with their place of origin i.e The Paperie club kits, Studio Calico kits, class kits, etc. I placed each of the labels in the upper right corner so I could tell what I was looking for as I flipped through them.


Then I switched my paper container and my kit container up and they all fit. This is the amount of paper I have.


I'm not much of a paper hoarder-most of that is cardstock- but apparently I love to hoard kits.

I have one -unused kit- dating back to January 2012. That's an issue for me.

So, in an effort to whittle that giant stack of kits away I've devisied a plan!

Last night I took out that kit and a few others and my stack of developed pictures. I pulled out the supplies and laid them out on the table and then I hauled pics out that fit the color scheme, sticking them into the bag of each kit as I went.

And so begins a little process of whittling those kits.

Stay tuned for the results of my labors!


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