Monday, August 26, 2013

Back in The Game

Good Monday morning!

It's been a busy summer full of travel, warm days and cosy rainy ones too. We've been on planes, road trips, hikes, swam in pools, oceans & lakes. We've spent some quality time with friends and even watched friends get married. We've had a blast.

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And as the summer comes to a close this week with the up-coming labor day weekend here in Canada it's time to slowly ease our way back into the daily routines of 'real' life. I'm not quite ready to give up the lazy days of summer just yet-trust me I'll be living up my last few days of summer this week- but I am ready to get back to the blogging routine.

So, if you've been taking a little summer hiatus from the online media like me, welcome back! I'm happy to be back and I hope you'll join me as we embark on a new school year with another summer under our belts!


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