Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello Monday!


 And hello Week In The Life.

Last night before I went to bed I made a mental list of everything I wanted to capture in my morning routine and when my eyes opened this morning I was excited to get started. Of course, not everyone was excited.

I was camera happy-snapping away- and M happens to be leaving for work early tomorrow morning and will be absent for most of the rest of WITL- so of course I was trying to include him in a few shots. On the way to work in the car he said "You're going to be so annoying this week. Luckily, I'm not around to deal with it". Party pooper.

So, I guess the moral of this story is that you may not have to wait until day 3 or 4 for your children- or spouse, co-workers, friends, whoever-to put their hand up in your camera lens and say "no more pics". I say keep right on snapping the shutter.

Enjoy your day of documentation. Check out my instagrams today (krlewe) to see a glimpse of my day and keep an eye on #WITLthepaperienl for more pics from our design team. We'd love to see yours too so tag your pics and tweets to share!


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