Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I have a new plan for PL.

Yep. So I've been doing KTOL a.k.a 'Keeping Track of Life' all year long and love it. It's a simplified version of PL in that it includes one double sided page protector and an interactive layout. Being able to do one layout using multiple photos is awesome.

But, this summer I decided to do a Summer Mini Album.


I used a Studio Calico Handbook for it and discovered how much I enjoyed the size and manner in which I could fill it. I didn't use date cards or anything. I just scrapbooked using pocket page protectors. It was awesome-I even managed to include some 6 by 8 layouts.


And so, I decided that it would be a great idea to do a seasonal project life. My plan is to use this Studio Calico woodgrain album for the Fall album. One for Winter & one for Spring.


So my Summer album is now complete-well, except the journaling which we all know is my weak spot. It's large and very, very full so I'll be sharing it over the next few days here on the blog.


So here goes Part 1 a.k.a The 3 Weeks We Spent in Ottawa. 'We' being a combination of M, E, & I as well as E &I.


I used a serious combination of Kelly Purkey PL kit products and some of my favourite things. This is the opening page. I used her 'Hello Summer' stamp and gold brilliance ink to stamp the sentiment repeatedly on white cardstock to create the background. Then I used this 3 by 4 kraft card with beautiful white letterpress.


Our summer bucket list still needs to be printed but I've left a spot for it. You'll notice that that is a repeated sentiment throughout this album. I sometimes like to add my personal thoughts and ideas after displaying my work on the blog.



I discovered I love tacos-specifically fish tacos- at El Camino in O-Town with some of our fav people Mike & Nicole.


While we hung out M went to Ottawa Explosion Weekend with Mike. It involved a few Gatorade-fueled mornings.


I got to visit some of my old students which was pretty awesome.



I used lots of KP flair-I love it all. And those food stamps came in very, very handy this summer! Not just in O-Town.


We ate at some of our fav places of course like The manx for brunch. And there was lots of prep for L's 2nd birthday party-monkey themed of course.





I met up with lots of friends including the girls from MA. It was awesome to see them and catch up on life and school and all that good business. I miss them so much. We were such a good team together.


After M went back home I made time to discover some cool local spots I'd never been to in O-Town.


Eugene & Kobe became fast friends and they really enjoyed one another's company. You could say they had a summer romance.


We ate lots of ice cream...


And I tried an awesome new spot- Supply & Demand. They had the most delicious Kale caesar salad.


Nicole and I went to the spa. It was epic.


I celebrated Canada day for the first time in O-Town. I was always at camp in NYC when we lived there.


And then we visited the burbs. It was a short lived visit that ended in a return DT where there were less children to be harassed.



And I got to see all the girls in a fun & silly martini night. Then we went home.

It was an amazing start to our summer and one we would def do again! If Mike & Nicole will have us! They were the best hosts ever this summer-dealing with me & E.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing some more of our summer at home. Stay tuned!


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