Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday DIY

I love kijiji.

I seem to have a little luck when looking for unique items on good old kijiji.

I picked this one up for $20 recently as a perfect retro cabinet for M's music room/office.


It was covered in that gross wood veneer and looked cheap and icky. So I took the stripper & some stain to it and turned it into something nice and warm and more wood-like.

Here's what it looks like now-


It's a great place to store his supplies and music 'business'.



Inside the drawer there was that gross green grass-like stuff. I got rid of that and replace it with some fabric I had around using some spray adhesive.


Totally cute right?!

And now he has something beautiful to store all his 'stuff'.


P.S: Stay tuned for an exciting new project I'm taking on. I'm starting work this week and I'll be sharing progress pics throughout October here and on instagram. Find me @krlewe for pics.

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