Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014: My 'One Little Word'

I've read some interesting books lately that have caused a little bit of a shift in my thinking. Believe it or not, even as a serious hard core reader I've never read anything by Mitch Albom. During a book club book exchange we did at Christmas time, I received 'The 5 People You Meet in Heaven'. After a teary few hours in bed one Tuesday night I shut the cover on the book and immediately downloaded his most famous book 'Tuesdays with Morrie'.

Have you ever read a book where you took away some sound life-advise? This was one of those books. Now, I'm sure I'm not the only person who has felt touched by this book. It's obvious reputation makes it worthy of reading because so many others loved it as much as I did.

But, it gave me great pause. I thought about the changes I've made in my life and if they're really been what I wanted them to be. It made me think about the pressure I put on myself. It made me realize that I'm often rushing. It made me feel inadequate but hopeful. It made me reflect on my choices. Being that I'm only 30, some might look at that last sentence and think cynically-what choices?! You're not even that old? But, I believe that there's reflection that can be made at any age to better yourself.

After reading that story I walked away with a profound sense that I have to be more present- in my relationships, my work & with myself. It dawned on me that my 'word' might have just found me.

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I haven't participated in Ali Edward's One little Word since it's conception in 2006. I always felt like it was a little contrived for me. The concept is a great idea but I never came by my word authentically and so it didn't have meaning for me. This year I can honestly say that 'present' has touched me & stuck with me. I gave it a few days after reading the book to decide if it was something that I still felt strongly about and it's stuck. I reminded myself to be 'present' over the holidays- despite the rush and craziness of it all. I really tried to enjoy the moment instead of thinking about and anticipating the next event.

2014 is the year of being present.

This means slowing down. This means listening more & talking less. This means being in the moment. This means making time. This means savouring. This means enjoying the moment.

I'm hoping to revisit my word at the end of every month. I'm not sure what form it will take but it will be meaningful for me. Sometimes I may share and sometimes I may not. I'm giving myself permission to evolve with my word throughout the year.

Have you read anything lately that resonated with you? Have you chosen a word for this year yet? Are you participating in 'One Little Word' this year?



  1. Great words Krista! Happy New Year!

  2. Two of my favourite books. You make me want to reread them!

  3. Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven are two of my faves - I read them every year! Sounds like you're in with a good group of readers!