Sunday, March 2, 2014

Currently: March 2014


listening: Justin Timberlake at the gym- the addition to the 20/20 experience. The Paperclipping Roundtable in the car. 
eating: healthy. We've been really good about filling our bellies with good-for-you foods since January. 
drinking: Diet A& W Root Beer. 
wearing: Animal themed sweaters & tops. Last week I wore a different animal-themed shirt every day. The gr. 5's I taught thought it was amusing. 
feeling: Productive. It was an awesome weekend around here. 
weather: Snow. It just keeps coming. Mother nature has been a beast this year. 
watching: Re-watching Gossip Girl in my spare time. Why not right?! 
reading: The Goldfinch. Elenor & Park. 
waiting: For stain to dry so I can put another coat on my latest project. I have no patience. 
wanting: Winter to be O.V.E.R. I'm done folks. Bring on the spring showers & May flowers please. 
needing: A few extra hours in my day to DIY & teach. Seriously though. 
thinking:  About my blog. It's been a little neglected lately. I"m making it a priority this month. 
enjoying: Putting together our living room. A few updates were in order. 
wondering: What everyone's going to be wearing tonight at The Oscars?! Do you watch?
wishing: For another great get together with some of my favs. I hosted brunch for my girlfriends last weekend- Amy we missed you! We need more brunches together! So much fun! 


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