Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Halloween in February?!

Sure! Why not right?!

Today I have a layout that was made ages ago at the Fall retreat for my local scrapbooking store.


I love triangles. Can you tell?

I used a stencil for the background layer and a combo of orange and yellow ink to create that effect. I then traced some of the triangles with dotted & straight lines.


I added some stamps...


...& even stamped some triangles, some of which I cut out and layered over the stenciled triangles. I included a little velum too for extra dimension.


For Halloween we were lame and M decided we would be 'sheet ghosts' a.k.a the simplest costume ever. We even used a pillowcase to make Eugene his own 'ghost sheet'. I will admit it was pretty fun to dance around in-even if we did look utterly ridiculous!

It's never too late to scrapbook out-of-season photos. Sometimes those are the best ones to scrapbook!


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