Saturday, January 23, 2010

My First Digital Layout

Here it is first foray into the digital scrapbooking world.
I am so proud of myself. So, Ali Edwards had a little 'Digital Scrapbooking' week on her blog. It was wonderful. I learned how to use a layered template tonight-a freebie from her blog. Check it out if you're into digital. You will need Photoshop Elements. Anyways, so I had some photos of me as a very young child with Mom & Dad so I used them as my prompt of "Remember This". I like how it turned out. Also, I discovered a new site for getting random size photos, including 12*12 layouts, developed:

Might check that one out next. I am kind of tempted to have this layout printed. It's pretty cute.

Heading to a crop tomorrow. Honestly, I am low on photos to scrap so I might put together something small with some blogged wedding photos I have from August. I'll post some pics tomorrow night if I get a chance.

Have a happy weekend folks!


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