Thursday, September 23, 2010


*I have to submit my first assignment in my M.Ed course on technology.
*I am thinking about my parents as they travel to Florida for their 30th anniversary cruise
*I want a necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs
*I realized my house is a mess
*I have a great lunch-Chicken parm!
*is running club at school and I wore my gym clothes! ;)
*I decided that I won't stress out about school and i'll let it ride and stop being such a perfectionist or a speed racer.
*I will make a plan to get moving, whether i'm motivated or not.
*I need to erase my whiteboard-it's still covered in French lessons from Monday ( a few people aren't done assignments yet!)
*I'm really hoping that the supplies for my school scrapbooking project will come in!


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