Sunday, November 14, 2010

December Daily-Part 2

Part 2: Come take a peek inside.

So my theme for this season is blue, red and white. I went with something a little less traditional this year. So without future ado here are some of my favorite pages and a little explanation of each of them.

Here is the inside cover. I completed all of the details on the brown cardstock before adhering it to the binder. That envelope is actually from Starbucks. I asked for an extra one last weekend when ordering Peppermint Hot Chocolate and a cranberry bliss bar. It has the cutest quote "Stories are Gifts. Share". I thought it was so fitting for the album/scrapbooking in general. So I sewed it to the brown cardstock and I plan on putting a story from the holiday season in there.


This is day 1. I love the Basic Grey pattern paper and the '1'. The little Jillibean cardstock sticker was the perfect touch and soooo appropriate for the album!


Throughout the album I used transparencies by Hambly. I love that you can see the blue/red/pink plaid paper through it. I snipped a little tag piece in half to have something to anchor my number at the top.


So here you get a glimpse of 5 & 6. I adore that Jillibean snowman paper more than anything. I made the envelope using some old pattern paper I had in my bin. Behind that you can see a chipboard page I covered with simple brown pattern paper and added a little embellishing to give it some weight.


Day 7 is a two pager. It's a Tuesday but I anticipate it will be busy. It's parent teacher interviews at school that night. On the right is an old Basic Grey paper I found while in Syracuse.


Her you can see Day 9 & some of 10. Day 9 is a clear acrylic page. I'm planning on putting an 8*8 photo on the other side. I love the idea of a whole photo as the page. Day 10 is a piece of the new Christmas line from Basic Grey tucked into a page protector.


Day 12 is a two-pager again. It's a weekend so I anticipate we'll be busy. I love the '12' stamped with the Studio Calico stamps. The my mind's eye paper has a little glitter in it but you can't tell from the photo.


Page 15 is a baseball card page protector just cut down to size. I added a little embellishing to the slots I filled in. The others will be for photos. You can also see Day 16 through the page. It's just an 8*8 piece of pattern paper tucked into a page protector.


A little mist jazzed up a plain old 7 Gypsies pocket for Day 18. More places to tuck some stories away.


Day 23 takes up three pages: the 8*8 page, the 'Snow' bingo card and the transparency. It's one of my first days at home in Newfoundland and the day M comes home so I anticipate a very busy day!


I love how the 25th turned out. This is a two page spread of course. The pattern paper was so cute. The 7 Gypsies pocket is tucked into the page protector for now but I'm not sure if it will stay there. I've been saving that 'Ho Ho Ho' phrase for two years. I finally bit the bullet and used it. I LOVE how it turned out.


I always have extra bits and pieces I want to save from the season so this year I made myself a little pocket out of a transparency on a black chipboard piece.


So there you have it. The shell of my December Daily 2010. I am very excited about it. I LOVE it. I'm going to try and keep it from expanding too much which means I have to lay off the 3D embellishments or at least use them sparingly. Wish me luck with that!


I hope you enjoyed the preview. Stop by again in December to see the end results.



  1. i love love love your style!!! so clean and fresh!
    you rock girl!

  2. it beautiful!! Seriously, well done!!

  3. your DD is lovely. wishing you luck keeping it from gettin fat; i'm attempting that same goal, but my past years ones are bustin w/goodness and i love them. so que sera sera!!!

  4. Love the way you turned that bag into a pocket. Great idea!

  5. is this a 12x12 album. very ambitious and beautiful

  6. Busy December Daily. Love it!! :)

  7. What a beautiful album. Can't wait to see it filled.

  8. This is beautiful - I'm so inspired to finish mine!!!!

  9. Thanks guys! I'm pretty excited about it too! I can't wait for December 1st so I can start filling it!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE... love the colors, the lines, the size... can't wait to see more of what you will do... ~ Kimmy