Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Florida Fun!

The weather here has been ridiculous. Just a few weeks ago we had three snow storms in one week. This past weekend we had more rain than I've seen in a long time cutting the snow in half. It's been windy and rainy and just overall miserable lately.

So right now I wish that I were in a warmer, dryer climate-like maybe Florida.

In the Fall we managed to squeeze a few days in Florida into our travel schedule. We had a blast and went to two different waterparks in the four short days we were there.


In this layout I tried to mimic the blue skies and clouds that punctuated our days in the parks with the punched clouds and the pattern paper. I also used the Prima mistables canvas ribbon and the sassafras pattern paper strip to create 'waves' below my photos like the water at the park.

Florida was awesome. I wish I was on vacation right now in Florida and enjoying a little water park action.

What's the weather like where you are? Are you buried in snow or enjoying wearing your flats in the sunshine?!



  1. Its been very warm here even for California but the last week has been cold and raining. I love it!

  2. forgot to add that i love the layout.

  3. I really like how you did the punched clouds! Super cute! :)
    We got one day of snow, overnight on Sunday. By Monday afternoon it was gone. :(

  4. Super cute!!I love the punched clouds!!

  5. Very cute! Love the little clouds!

  6. very fun! It's warming up here...thank goodness. NOT a fan of the cold!

  7. I think this is great! I love the clouds, and the water droplet. It looks like you had great fun!
    Love Penny

  8. Very fun & cute page! I'm a sucker for clouds - yours is so cute!!

  9. Very very cute layout!! love the clouds and that bottom strip of paper is fabulous.

  10. Love the LO- but please please tell me/us what that bottom paper is????? I used to draw/color papers like that and I am currently drooling over the possibiliy of having some in a 12x12 format :P