Friday, March 23, 2012

5 For Friday

1. I tried Hot Yoga at a new place in town called Moksha this week. If you are local you might want to give it a try. Be prepared to sweat though. Now, I've done Hot Yoga a bunch of times before and honestly, I always forget how much I dislike the sweaty part of it. Yeah, it's nice to see your work pay off in little rivets and beads of sweat but at the same time it's just uncomfortable to be that sweaty. I'm a girl who likes a breeze when she works out-hence the running. Anyways, yoga's good for your legs if you do run so once in a blue moon it won't kill me to 'yoga-stretch' them out.

2. I've been eying Geralyn Sy's work for Studio Calico for some time now and she announced last night that she is opening a little online shop with downloadable journaling cards. They are super cute. You can catch a sneak here. You bet I'll be getting those for my Project Life album.

3. I have my new DIY piece all picked out and I even have a tutorial to follow courtesy of Centsational Girl. Now, I just need time to get it done. Might be the weekend. Check out the before and come back for more details tomorrow on 'DIY Design Saturday'.


4. My friend Sara got her first layout picked up for Northridge Publishing yesterday. She has some wonderful style and that girl can work the Tim Holtz products like nobody's business. Check out her blog!

5. We are going to a local production of 'GodSpell' tonight. My BIL is playing a major role in it as well as having choreographed the WHOLE thing. It's playing all weekend so if you are local you should also try and get out and see it. It's playing at the Gower Street Church.

It's Friday. I'm looking forward to sleeping in & doing a little shopping tomorrow. Maybe refinish some furniture or pick up paint for the dining room. What are you plans for the weekend?! Anything Exciting?



  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out! :) Can't wait to see what you do with those tables, I think they're gorgeous anyway! Where did you find those beauties? And I wish, wish, wish I could see Godspell, absolutely love the music, but my weekend is packed!

  2. those tables are great, can't wait to see how they turn out

  3. Lots of great info here! I won't be doing any Hot Yoga, but I am looking forward to the "after" for your table! Thaks for the links, they are great!

  4. I love all things yoga but I bow out of hot yoga. I sweat a bunch already when I finish an intense session. I am a runner too. :)

    Cute tables.

  5. I look forward to seeing what you do with the tables!