Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Life: Week #?

So I lost track of what week we're in but I have offically caught up in Project Life.

Over the weekend I completed last week's layout and wanted to share before the week was just too far away from us. That being said I have a huge, huge catch up post coming on Thursday with the eight weeks previous to last week. Yeah. It's been that kind of summer!

So this is what the first week of September looked like in our world:


It was a good week. We took a drive out to the cabin on Sunday for the Follett families annual Labour Day bash.Eugene and I took lots of walks through 3 Pond Barron. On Wednesday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed downtown to see the big cruise ship in the harbour. Downtown was busting with energy. Eugene made it to the dog park a few times. I finally tried Menchies Frozen Yogurt for the first time and on Saturday we took a monster walk downtown and around the city ending up at the Farmers Market for some awesome Indian food before we headed home.

School also started and although I don't have any pictures of it in here I did lots of volunteering at BAE.

It was a busy week.

I can't believe that it's already mid-way through September. I feel like time is flying. I'm glad that I've managed to stick it out and participate in PL every week. It does frustrate me when I get behind and have to 'catch up' but I know I'm not alone. I'm going to try and stay current until the end of the year.

Recently, I started thinking about how I'm going to document PL in December. I have been a  December Daily participant for 5 years now?! I think that's how many I have packed away. Do you do PL? Any thoughts on how you're approaching December Daily & PL if you are doing them both in December?



  1. Such great photos! I love looking at everyone's style of PL! Great job for keeping up! I know I never would,that's why I don't do PL .

  2. I'm almost caught up!!! Your spread looks great.

  3. Such a fun page! I'm sort of caught up. Except for that 2 month void I don't like to talk about:)

  4. I'm thinking that I'm going to use a Studio Calico Handbook for my December Daily, and that I'm going to take a break from Project Life; and incorporate it into my DD instead. Because my DD has always been so similar to how I'm currently doing PL, it doesn't make sense to do both; I think I'd just get overwhelmed/burnt out.

    I was considering doing an overall page for december in the PL book and/or doing the last week between christmas and new years in PL.

  5. Great spread! Love that you use so many big pics!