Sunday, October 20, 2013

Saturday DIY: Powder Room Overhaul

I have sneaks.

I'm working on a massive project. An overhaul of a space some of you may know well.

Let's just say it started out like this.


Ick. An ugly green color for the walls and that gross black vinal baseboard found in office buildings. Not to mention the black door and a black heater. Ick. Not homey or pretty at all.

So after some deliberation, and a little panic at my idea for a focal wall, it now looks kind of like this.


And they love it. If you are local this happens to be The Paperie's current bathroom. It's not even close to be done. But, it's getting there. Ignore the ceiling-it's getting painted and a new fixture. Not to mention that vent that shall be getting a coat of spray paint to blend into the rest of the room.

I'm pretty excited about it so I wanted to share a little of it here on the blog.

Stay tuned for more projects I'm working on for this room soon!