Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bring it: December Daily 2013

Welcome to December! 

You know what that means don’t you?! It’s time to start documenting in your December Daily! I’m obviously very excited! This month I'll be sharing ideas for working on your December Daily with the community at The Paperie and here on my blog as well. 

So today, as you embark on your December Daily or your December Memories-whatever you’re title or theme may be- I’d like to share a little wisdom with you. 

First and foremost, keep it simple. 


The holidays are overwhelming enough without adding your scrapbooking to the stress as well. This is supposed to be fun- for you and your family, if you chose to involve them. 

Stick to a formula. 

If you’ve already created your album then you know what you’re going into each day. Keep your album handy when you’re getting ready to develop your photos so you have an idea what size to print. 

Get organized. 

Gather all your materials in one place. 


Put the little embellishments in bowls so you can see them. Stack your larger sheets of embellishments and letters in a container. Store your bits and pieces of paper in your pizza box that your December Daily came in. If everything is stored in one place it will be easier and much quicker to put together each day.

You don’t have to record every day. 

For that matter you shouldn’t feel obligated to scrap the days events every night either. I tend to work in spurts. I develop a few days worth of photos and then I work on a couple days at a time. I wish I were more organized and motivated enough to do each day as they come, but that’s not my style. Do what works for you. 

Remember that this is all about the photos + words. 

Don’t forget to tell your story. Beautiful pictures are only the half of it so use journaling cards, envelopes, pockets-whatever you have on hand to get the stories in there as well. 

Happy December! I can't wait to create and share mine with you! 


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