Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope you're holiday season has been lovely. Mine has been wonderful-filled with friends & family & lots and lots of food. I'll be sharing more about my holidays here on the blog during the month but I wanted to share my New year's resolution plans here today.

I know, I know. Resolutions never keep do they? These aren't resolutions but more like goals. I'm approaching 2014 a little differently than this past year.

This past year I created goals each month but I found that a little too cumbersome. Often a month wasn't enough time to accomplish everything I wanted to do. what can I say?! I'm a girl with a long list of goals. So when I saw that Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess create seasonal goals a lightbulb went off.

I'm currently approaching my project life seasonally & have been since June. Setting seasonal goals fits perfectly with my PL approach. So I set out to create a little list of goals for the 2014 winter season.

The scrapbooking room has been in flux for ages. It seems I'm always trying to do something in there but I think I'm finally inspired to finish it off this winter.

M & I have made a deal to get back on track this season with running & eating well which means cutting out take out. So, we've agreed to just try one new restaurant each month. You could say 2 & 3 go hand in hand.

This blog has been neglected far too long this fall. Enough said. Winter is a great time to get back to it-so much indoor time.

The last one is open to interpretation but we're def on the hunt for a little long weekend adventure this winter. At the rate the weather is kicking our butts here it'll be much needed come February or March!

Have you made any goals for yourself this coming year? How are you approaching them?


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