Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday DIY: A New Chair

So one of my latest treasures was this lovely modern 70's-era chair I found for the rock bottom price of $30 at our local Habitat for Humanity restore. It looked sturdy and upon first sit it was comfy.

So naturally I took it home. I knew I wanted to try it as an upholstery project. I had already reupholstered a queen ann style bench but a chair is a whole other ballgame.

Let's just say that this chair wasn't meant to come apart. It took some serious prying and tools, sweat and labor (and a few tears) to get the fabric off the darn thing. There were also a few injuries to my hands. Just another day of DIY projects for me.

 So after finding an amazing chevron tweed material for $3/m I said a silent prayer to the fabric Gods, paid my $18 to the store clerk and ran to the car before they could stop me! When I got home I set to work covering her. It took a lot of attention to detail & the cushion cover was a pain in the you know what but I finished it.

I added the nailhead trim as well to the front and thought about changing the legs but decided against it.

So, here's the scoop-I love the arms. They are wide enough for laying a laptop on or resting a little furry chin.


The chair however is not the most comfy chair to sit in for hours of movie-watching on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. So it probably won't stay-but I am glad that I had the experience of trying to reupholster something a little more complicated. Not sure if this is my last reupholstering project-next time I might go with something a little more simple!



  1. Wow! You did an amazing job. I think it looks great!

  2. You're a pro! Very impressive work. Love nails too.

  3. Fantastic! Looks beautiful!