Monday, February 10, 2014

The Weekend Lens

It was a relaxing, fun weekend around here. We had very little planned and after the last few weekends that was a relief.

Friday night we chilled at home and made burgers on the big green egg.


They were epic.

On Saturday we took Eugene for his usual Saturday morning walk & stopped by our fav Second Cup for hot sustenance & whipped cream. After dropping Eugene home we went downtown for a little shopping and a few errands. Twisted Sister was having some awesome sales as were Model Citizen so we visited them.

We stopped at The Newfoundland Chocolate Company to pick up some treats to mail away for a special, very thoughtful, friend.


Then we went home for some delicious lunch. Rootbeer & grilled sandwiches. I love a good sandwich.


We spent the afternoon relaxing, prepping ribs & some of us took a nap while others' shoveled. Lol.

IMG_5587 IMG_5591IMG_5596 IMG_5604

And then we ate those ribs. And man, were they ever delicious.


On Sunday we hit the road for a little trip to Middle Cove Beach. Yep, the beach.

IMG_0763 IMG_0776

It was freezing but fun!

Sunday afternoon we visited Bowring Park for Family Fun day & brought along our whole family. Verafin was sponsoring and E had many, many treats.

IMG_0787 photo (3) copy

We ended the weekend at the in-law's for turkey dinner with the family. E stared down the turkey, hoping it might jump off the counter and into his belly.

photo (3)

*Don't worry-he did get a little turkey. ;)

It was an awesome weekend. What did you do this past weekend?!


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